Alexandria Location - Massage Therapy:

  • Hot stone Massage
    Integrated Hot Stone Therapies which include various massage modalities. A relaxing treatment enhance mental relaxation and physical wellness.....$80.00
  • Deep Tissue Massage
    Myofascial technique for the release of tissue bound by postural habit and repetitive tasks.....$80.00
  • Cupping Therapy Massage
    Massage Cupping Therapy is a unique blend of ancient Asia Cupping techniques with western massage applications. Massage or the use of glass cups held by suction to massage the body can be used to treat myriad of ailments through suction and negative pressure, this therapy is an excellent way of relieving common colds and flu, muscular aches and pains, tension and can also be used to break up cellulite. Massage Cupping Therapy activates the lympahatic system, allowing the bodies tissues to be drain of toxins. It can also help release rigid soft tissue, drain excess fluids & toxins, loosen adhesions and can lift connective tissue. While replenishing blood flow to stagnant skin and muscles.....$100.00
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